Workshop & Industrial

Our chemical expertise links with our client's sales and service team’s extensive field experience to effectively drive down the hazards associated with the cleaning process and minimise industrial waste and pollution. FluidChristeyns NZ's processes aspire to continually make improvements which are designed to provide significant OSH and environmental gains, while driving down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the cleaning process.

FluidChristeyns NZ have considerable expertise in the formulation of speciality industrial chemicals.  From immersion, spray and manual cleaning systems that link synergistically with their detergent quick-break technologies, to solvent replacement programs and chemical dispensing/systems.

service staff man using a mop to remove water in the uniform cleaning the protective clothing of the new epoxy floor in an empty warehouse or car service center
Mechanic degreasing a car engine part at service repair station
Forklift cleaning

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Workshop - Slip agents, solvent based degreasers, water based degreasers, car/truck/bus wash, Clean in Place (CIP) products, rust removal, aluminium cleaner
  • Parts wash machine detergent
  • Property Maintenance - Bleach, hard surface sanitisers
  • Odour control for asphalt and waste management plants
  • Handcleaners – we stock a range of light to heavy duty hand soaps and cleaners and suitable dispensers.
  • Specialist floor/soak cleaners to ensure an effective clean at the best possible cost.

Please contact us if you are unsure which product would best meet your specific application. A number of our products are multi purpose and may be listed in another range but are suitable for a property maintenance application.

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