Water Treatment

FluidChristeyns NZ work with amongst others; food plants and broiler chicken farms to provide effective solutions for effectively sanitizing drinking water for either stock or domestic use. Our extensive trial work with broiler chicken farms over the last 6-8 years supports the very strong results achieved by TWIN OXIDE INTERNATIONAL. We ensure accurate/effective dosing and supply of this product by working closely with local pump suppliers to ensure accurate, effective dosing. This knowledge combined with further research and expertise from TWIN OXIDE in Australia means that we know what it takes to make a system work right first time!

Poultry Industry solutions using Twin Oxide/Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide has been used as a water sanitiser since 1814. In the past, however, high capital costs for equipment put it out of reach of most businesses. Technological improvements now mean this is no longer the case. Whether striving for bacteria reduction in drinking water or de-scale solutions to improve water quality, we have a range of products available to provide the best solution for your farm.

TWIN OXIDE - developed and made in the Netherlands, is a twin component powder that produces a pure form of chlorine dioxide eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous generation equipment.

The two component powder is simply mixed with water on site (using appropriate PPE) and left to react for 1-2 hrs. It only takes around 4kg of product to make 100 Litres of solution at 3000ppm concentration. This concentrate solution can be used in a variety of different situations including (but not limited to)

  • stock water (broiler chickens and dairy cows)
  • domestic drinking water
  • industrial water treatment
  • washing fruit and vegetables
  • red and white meat processing
  • carcass sanitiser
Chicken drinking water
Cows drinking water

Twin Oxide Features

This product has a number of features that make it superior to the more traditional sanitisers such as chlorine and quat sanitisers. Some of the main advantages are:

  • It has 260% more oxidation output than chlorine
  • No odour or taste at end use concentrations
  • No harmful byproducts
  • Operates over a wider pH range (more tolerant of soiling.)
  • Removes both soft and hard layer biofilm in pipes and filters etc
  • Kills a broader range of pathogens/bacteria than ‘quat’ sanitisers
  • Ideal for use as a ‘break sanitiser’ within the food industry

We also have available a tablet form of chlorine dioxide for smaller users, or for when mixing up larger volumes (100l or more) is simply not convenient. See the attached catalogue for additional information.

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