FluidChristeyns NZ is a major supplier of cleaning products to the water based ink market in New Zealand. We have a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of applications.  We are involved in the case, paper bag and pre-print industry and have specialist in-house knowledge in these areas.

Our range of products include:

  • RH Clean - Low foam ink cleaner
  • Blade Clean - Premium ink cleaner
  • Take Off - General purpose ink cleaner
  • Grid Iron Gel - Heavy Duty gelled anilox roll cleaner
  • Solv8- Glue remover
Cardboard printing machine

FluidChristeyns NZ understand the printing process and the part that our products play in ensuring effective cleaning of anilox rolls, ink pumps and lines, stereos and equipment surrounds. Years of experience have proven our equipment and products are the most cost effective products around – bar none. Put us to the test - we are always prepared to back our systems and products.

We are able to provide custom build stereo foamers/bucket fillers for smaller set ups as well as PLC driven automated systems for larger plants.

Additionally, we have 'off the shelf' componentry which includes:

  • Bucket fillers
  • Stereo Foamers
  • PLC's

Our extensive product ranges is combined with on-site discussions with your engineering and production staff to provide the most cost effective ring main systems possible. Low or high tech solutions are not a problem, call us for further information.

Anilox Cell Volume Testing

FluidChristeyns NZ is proud to be the NZ agents for Capatch - Anilox Cell Volume Test Strips.
These test strips allow users to quickly and accurately identify cell volumes of Anilox Rolls.

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Additional product specific information is available in our Ink Product Catalogue.

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