Food & Beverage

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Cleaning in Place (CIP). This process requires careful product selection which takes into account the degree of soiling, circulation time, recycling requirements and trade waste consents, amongst other things.  We have a range of products suited to everything from CIP and tunnel washers through to industrial dishwashers. 
  • Dispensing systems: Basic hand hygiene is integral to overall hygiene in the plant so our range includes robust dispensers able to dispense pouched and bulk fill product of both cleaners and sanitisers. Additionally we pride ourselves on our ability to help with design and implementation of fit for purpose pumping and dosing systems to meet your needs.  
  • Laundry:  Most food processing plants have an on-premise laundry (OPL) on site. FluidChristeyns NZ sells a full range of stand alone powders as well as purpose built liquid detergents suitable for every cleaning requirement.  
  • Partnering with our clients.  We complete chemical titrations on site during the course of our site service visits and provide tailored site specific reports that help our clients meet their quality parameters.  As an example, we recently worked with a national pet food client with the design and implementation of an automated system for pumping and dosing preservative.  
  • Specialty chemicals:  We also have experience with other specialty chemicals including direct food contact foam suppressants as well as hook and roller oiling.  

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We partner with our clients to ensure quality parameters are met.

FluidChristeyns NZ has a hygiene programme suitable for all types of food production. We deal with all aspects of the red and white meat processing chain. From primary processors (meat works), through to secondary and tertiary processors. Some of the food processors we currently provide cleaning and hygiene programmes for include:

Meat works
and butcheries

Vegetable processors
including crate washing

Bakeries and
pie manufacturers

Pet food

Dried meat processing

Fish processors

Odour control

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