Recycling Programme

Not just a by-line - our company takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to our environmental impact. To that end we are the ONLY chemical manufacturer and wholesaler in NZ that undertakes to take back all used packaging and dispose of it responsibly. What that means is that for some users we pay for the freight and hassle of recycling 20, 200 and 1000 litre containers from all corners of the country. After being returned to our Auckland warehouse, any containers approved for reuse are thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure the drum and IBC's are in as new condition before refilling them again. By doing this we lower our significantly lower our carbon footprint - we can get up to 8-10 trips from one 200 Litre drum.

At our warehouse we remove any residue which is then pH adjusted to meet our trade waste consent obligations before being disposed of responsibly via the septic system. Any containers that can't be reused are recycled by a local plastics recycler. All plastic wrap and cardboard is also collected and recycled on a monthly basis.

FluidChristeyns NZ is a member of the Sustainable Business Network. The Sustainable Business Network is a forum for businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice to get together and make it happen. We promote sustainable practice in New Zealand and support other businesses that are on the path to becoming sustainable. We attend forums with other like-minded businesses, where ideas and experiences are exchanged assisting us to succeed with our sustainability goals. We are also proud supporters of Sustainable Coastlines.

Our aim is to take responsibility for our products to the end of their life cycle.

Environmental Narratives

FluidChristeyns NZ has the following key environmental commitments:

1) Aim to maximize recycling of all consumables within the operation with the overall goal of zero waste to landfill.

2) To instigate a packaging return scheme for all packaging/containers that FluidChristeyns NZ sell product in.

3) To source all office supplies from Suppliers who show a commitment to environmental sustainability which is reflected in their product range.

FluidChristeyns NZ sees sustainable business practices as critical to long-term wellbeing and has made a commitment to up-hold the values of the Sustainable Business Network.

Sustainable Containment
Recyclable Containers